Wednesday, April 17, 2013


One of my favorite blogger friends, Shannon, is assisting us with a Scentsy fundraiser!  A portion of the dollar amount sold will be going towards our adoption.  I am very excited about this and have had good results so far!  If you are interested in browsing &/or making a purchase please check out this website and then click on my party, Kristen Dilka.  If you have friends or family that may need to refill their scents please forward them this link!  We'll be closing the party out the end of the month.  I thank you in advance!  Also, if you have any creative ideas for ways that we could continue to raise money, please share!

THANK YOU for helping us in our journey to bring Haylie home!

Friday, April 5, 2013


Sorry that I haven't really posted a whole lot here, I feel like all I can tell anyone is that we're still working on paperwork.  Paperwork, paperwork, and a little bit more paperwork!  At this point though I do have more interesting news.  Are you ready for it?  Drum roll please.....


Yes!  We are matched with an absolutely beautiful little girl!  I cannot reveal much information at this point but as soon as I can, rest assured that I will flood this blog with as many details and pictures as I can! 

Our homestudy is in the final phase, it's off with a typist.  That's a HUGE releif!  I absolutely cannot wait to go get my little princess and bring her home where we can spoil the heck out of her! :-)