Thursday, May 22, 2014

Who is this child?

Do you recognize her?

The left photo is in the waiting room the day of surgery, and the right photo is one week post-op.  Hard to believe that it is the same girl! 

Surgery went amazingly well and recovery truly was just as smooth. We stayed less than 24hrs in the hospital and she adapted well to a liquid only diet. In fact, she gained a pound in her first week of liquids only! 

Today marks four weeks post-op, the day that she can finally eat regular foods and use a fork again! As I type she is chowing down on a toasted waffle,  the girl is in heaven! 

This week also marked the four month anniversary of our gotcha day! Haylie has come such a long way.  Here is a quick reminder of her on the day we met. 

Such a brave little girl! Now a days she is full of sass! She rarely knows a stranger, loves when people are willing to tell her how beautiful her clothes and shoes are, and she still loves to accessorize! Thanks to some great friends she now is the proud owner of a doll house that is bigger than she is, and some very lovely Barbies to go along with it. 

I'll leave you with some photos to show what has been happening in the last month!

Three days post-op she came along for her first 5k!

She got to play in water for the first time, and loved it! 

She certainly loves her grandma! 

She learned that she has a pretty cool Uncle! 

Sometimes she and Hunter can even get along long enough for me to get a picture of it!

And finally, our attempt at posing for a photo...she naturally poses, but trying to do it on command ended up being quite difficult! :-)