Sunday, September 15, 2013

Needing prayers

Update on our adoption process: back in May we received our pre-approval (PA) for our sweet Haylie. In July our dossier was finally completed and sent to China (DTC), hallelujah! Now we are "patiently" waiting for China to give us our letter of approval (LOA), which means they've reviewed our entire dossier an deem us acceptable parents for Haylie. We are on day 47 of that wait. Some people have received their approval in as quick as 30 days, others received theirs in as many as yes, I'm a little on edge every day as I wait for that phone to ring! So here is where I ask for your help and ask you to lift our family up in prayer. In order to travel this year, and be back home before Christmas!, we need to receive our LOA this week! If not we will probably wait to travel until Jan. I know that I can't be in China over Christmas, it will break my heart to be without my children and family..... So, if you pray, please include one for us!  Plus, once I receive LOA I can share Haylie's picture with you all!!!! :-)

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