Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Ours for 3 months!

OThis Easter Sunday marked 3 months that miss Haylie has been in her forever family! It was a beautiful day here in Kansas! It's the first time (in a LONG time) that the chocolate candy melted in the yard while waiting for kids to start their hunt! 

Haylie really enjoyed her first holiday, she liked dying eggs, loved getting dressed up, tolerated being baptized, and quickly caught on to hunting for eggs! Like most kids she has turned into a fan of candy!

This is our first photo with the entire family, it only took 3 months to get! Lol

Riley picked out this adorable outfit for Haylie. If you are familiar with the adoption world then you know the significance of the ladybug. It's the perfect outfit! 

Haylie has adjusted wonderfully. She has become confident that food will always be available, and has even started deciding that there are foods she doesn't like and will leave them on her plate. That's a pretty big step!  She speaks some english, mommy, daddy, Hunter, bye, hi, and of course no. The english is not pronounced correctly (obviously) so probably only people around her all of the time realize what she is saying.  She's still very girly, loves dresses and bows, and purses, oh and sunglasses! She's getting really good at cheering Logan and Riley on at their games! Here she is cheering Riley on at a soccer game.

This Thursday (the 24th) is her first surgery.  We're a little nervous but excited more than anything else.  Please pray for her to have a smooth surgery and as easy a recovery as possible!  

We'll finish this post with pictures from last month or so! The day she got this tiger from grandpa, she was terrified of it.  Now it's always in our living room and constantly wrestled with! 

First ponytail!

First parade...

First trip to the zoo....

I'd say she's fitting in quite well!!!!

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