Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sooo impatient!!!!

So, this waiting game and I are not gonna do well together! I mailed off our agency contract on Friday, along with our first big check. Finally today I emailed to see if they haf received it. Yup, it's there, they advised me I would be hearing from our consultant and we'd get our next steps given to us. Um ok, WHEN?!?! I did my part, now hurry up and call me!!!! I just gotta keep telling myself, I'm not their only client. Today a friend of ours got to meet their new son, I am so excited for them! It's gonna be an amazing day when we get to meet our little girl! In the meantime, my boys are keeping me busy while we wait! Between the 3 of them, we are "enjoying" the flu, the stomach bug, and double ear infection. They are troopers though, everyone is still smiling!

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  1. Little lady it has been far to long to not have an update on here yet!