Friday, June 27, 2014

5 months

Wow, it's been 5 months already. Sometimes it feels like an eternity. Just the other night Sage and I were talking and I said, can you believe that we flew to the other side of the world and came back with a daughter? We're such simple people, sometimes it still amazes me! 

This month proved to be a disappointing one for us.  While Haylie's surgery looked so promising, unfortunately her palate repair was unsuccessful.  After about 5 week her palate opened back up. Our surgeon isn't sure how this happened but he feels confident that the next repair will be a success. We'll pray for that! Surgery will be in September.  Until then we are continuing to live life in true Dilka fashion, non-stop-go. The big kids are keeping us busy with their sports, Haylie has really gotten the hang of going to all of these games! 

We love introducing her to new things, recently she's getting to enjoy time at the lake. We took her out on our boat and she quickly became a fan of the lake!

She got her first mani/pedi....

Who can resist this face? Don't be fooled...behind this innocent charm is a handful of sass! :-)

Next week we're loading up to go meet Sage's family. Wish us luck with this long drive, hopefully Haylie will fall in suit and be a great traveller! 

My brother took this picture, it's adorable. Middle name is actually spelled Mei, but none the less, this is adorable! 

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