Thursday, September 4, 2014

my thank you....

I just recently finished reading a book, it was written from the perspective of both a young girl who was giving up her baby for adoption and a young woman who had struggled for years with infertility.  These words pulled at my heart and have left me with great joy at the blessing of our daughter, but also with great sadness for her birth mother.  I can only imagine the pain that she felt upon giving up her baby, how difficult of a decision that must have been.  
While infertility is not what led us to adopt, we still had a hole in our heart that only Haylie could fill.  I wish that I could reach out to Haylie's birth mother, to hug her and thank her, and to show her what a beautiful girl Haylie is.  I wish that she could know that the daughter we share is safe, thriving, so smart, and so loved.  
Instead I will continue to hug our daughter, to love her, encourage her through life, and forever be thankful of the gift that was given to us.  

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