Sunday, January 26, 2014

Day 10

Another lazy morning for us, Haylie enjoyed another new outfit, and then sat and played with some toys.  Silly girl! When we skyped with the boys this morning she was playing peek-a-boo with them, she is picking up on things so quickly! 

We wandered down for breakfast and took a nice walk around the island. Sunday must be "shower/laundry" day. People were standing around in their underwear getting in and out of the river, and then lugging all of their laundry down too. People, this river is NOT clean! It stinks and has trash floating everywhere. There were also a lot of people singing, dancing, and practicing "kung fu". 

I love this statue, it's 3 generations of women, plus miss Haylie

Short nap, then we were waiting for our group to go through a market & off to dinner. Isn't she adorable?! 

The market was....interesting. Lots of herbs, star fish, snake skins, sea horses...

This went on for blocks, and it was jammed packed! Then suddenly we turned and it was all animals for sale. Fish, kittens, puppies, turtles, birds... sadly Haylie was terrified of the animals. I mean, screaming terrified. This makes me nervous as to how she'll react to our dogs! Hopefully with time she'll adjust well.

Someone was even blow drying their poodle!

Then we turned another corner and it was utter chaos. So many people, no thank you! That kind of living is not for me! Haylie didn't enjoy it much either.  Most of her problem though is she needed to go potty and the only thing available was a squatty. Pretty proud of myself, managed to hold her up over a squatty without getting pee on either of us! Score for mom! 

All of this walking led is to a jade market, which ended up being closed because of the upcoming Chinese New Year. So we kept moving onto a temple. It was pretty interesting to see. This one building had over 500 Buddah in it, each meaning something different. There were people there burning incense (sp?) and praying to the Buddahs. 

Then we walked onto a pearl factory, which was also closed! Guess on a positive note, we didn't spend money!!! We had dinner at Pizza Hut, baby girl ate TWO slices! 

Walking home was neat seeing how all of the stores light up. I'd love to go back at night to see it all, just not with any kids! 

We're back to the hotel now. Gonna head out to the patio with the other families to enjoy the gorgeous weather! 

Consulate Appointment is early tomorrow morning, this is where we apply for Haylie's visa. Getting so close!!!!!