Thursday, January 30, 2014


We woke up nice and early in China, loaded up into a van, and headed off to Hong Kong. I was having more anxiety about the van ride than then plane (or so I thought at that point) only because there would be no bathroom for Haylie and no stopping along the way. She only cried once or twice, luckily the driver didn't even seem phased.  Getting through border patrol/customs into Hong Kong took forever!!!!! Eventually we made it! Hong Kong looks like it might be a beautiful place, lots of smog though so it was pretty hard to tell.  We were pretty excited to eat at a Popeyes in the airport! 

The flight: I wouldn't necessarily say that Haylie was a fan of the plane, but she could have been much worse than she was.  I did feel bad for the people sitting around us though, she got loud a few times. And sitting right infront of us was one of the families from our group that was bringing their 11 month old home.  Oh well, it was only 15hrs of their life! ;)

Landing in Chicago was a disaster. Haylie started crying in customs and cried all through waiting for our luggage. Customs didn't seem certain what to do with us, we got sent to the wrong place before being re-routed. Then we had to recheck our luggage, go through security (yet again!!!) and walk/run to our flight. Yep, I was the lady carrying a baby with tears streaming down my face through the Chicago airport. The thought of missing our flight was more than this emotional mama could handle!  We got lucky and got to our gate as they were beginning to load. Even more lucky that they were able to move our seats so that the 3 of us could sit together (this was a problem leaving Hong Kong as well, remind me to thank our travel agent for planning so well -not!).  So we made it to KC, our luggage didn't, but really who cares about that stuff right?!  

Me and my "twins". Hunter is taller and heavier than Haylie! I don't know how people carry a baby on each hip, I couldn't do it! Poor Hunter was sliding on down! 

There were many tears cried during our homecoming, I think they were all mine (and maybe my mom's) but I couldn't help it. My boys! My sweet boys!!!!    

Haylie did wonderful in the carseat. We had been worried because China does not have a carseat law, so she had never seen one before. 

We got home to pink balloons tied to the house and this awesome banner made by my sister with help from Riley. I love it, thank you Emily.

Our family all came by and ate some ribs and had some Welcome Home Haylie icecream cake. It was great to see everyone! Haylie did really well considering the craziness she had gone through in the past 24 hrs! 

Bedtime was sweet, I rocked my sweet Hunter to sleep (while I cried...notice the theme for the day?!). The big boys went to bed well, and then our challenge began. Haylie wanted nothing to do with her bed, her room, me. It was ugly, my tears and snot was ugly. The anxiety of the day just took over for both of us. Sage came to the rescue, bless his heart, and the two of them bonded through that disastrous night.  Even cuddled up with my 3 Bostons I did not sleep well. Maybe it was their gas? Maybe it was the 3am anxiety attacks? Or the strong feeling of home sickness, even though I was home already.....regardless, when I heard Hunter's sweet fuss over the monitor at 6:40am I was beyond excited!!!! And the huge smile I got when he realized it was me getting him up, melt my heart! 

Couple of waffles later, Logan is off to school, I sit with my cappucino (oh how I've missed you!!!) and give you the dirty truth about our trip home and first night here. Sage & Haylie are still asleep, I can hear Riley up getting dressed, I have Hunter by my side and dogs on my lap. 

Life is is really good. 


  1. LOVE! I have few words....So glad you are home safe, happy to hear about the kids reactions (esp Hunter's morning smile!) and truly appreciate the honestly of your adventure. There are so few people willing to be so transparent; it's refreshing! The pics of Haylie walking down the hall are darling, and it's nice to hear that she's allowing herself to bond with Sage...I can't even imagine loving a child that much and then not being able to hold her, etc. My heart breaks and soars with you guys every day...your patience with this process is unreal! God's grace is sufficient, and you guys are doing amazing! I look forward to that full family pic soon!

  2. Love that you guys are reading your blog...yes, sitting at my desk at work with tears running down my face...It will get better....Hugs and WELCOME HOME HAYLIE!!!!!! YOU are one lucky little girl, and you will notice that as you get bigger.....those brothers of your will be your protectors just watch....~Sara Webster

  3. I have loved reading about your guys' journey! You guys are awesome! I'm not quite sure who is luckier to have who :-) Keep on keepin on! And lugging 2 kiddos around at the same time gets easier! Just takes some practice ;-)

  4. aww, it will get better! I promise. She has been through A LOT!!! You have been through A LOT!!! It will take a few weeks, but will get better!

  5. I've loved following your journey and am so happy that you are all HOME now! (And just curious...what travel agent did you use?)

  6. My day has started for the last two weeks waking up at 530 and the first thing I would try to do was read your blog. I have loved reading about your journey. So glad you all made it home say and now let the new journey begin. Im here for you with any girly things or cleft related issues. Totally been there :)

  7. Wow what a journey. As I too am sitting here crying while reading this, I just want to say God bless you and Sage and the boys for bringing Haylie into your family. Please keep us updated from time to time. Love your blog!