Thursday, January 23, 2014

Day 7

The morning started off smooth, Haylie slept at least 11 hours! Halleluah!  We rushed down for breakfast so that we could get back up to skype the boys.  I ended up leaving Sage and Haylie so that I could chat with the boys and they could eat.  This could have turned into a disaster (remember Sage can't hold Haylie yet) but they both handled it great!  Shortly after we got picked up by our guide and we headed off to Haylie's medical examination.

Wow, the medical exam building was PACKED!  This is where everyone goes if they are about to immigrate to the USA.  We were lucky and got to skip the lines!  The medical staff there was so nice and patient!  They listened to her heart and lungs, an ENT checked out her ears, and then she had blood drawn for her TB test.  Baby girl did not love having her blood drawn.  It's tough because they don't allow parents to go in with the kids while their blood is drawn, I imagine that was pretty terrifying for her!  I was sad to see that she has lost a pound since the last update that I received on Christmas Eve, and she's eating like crazy since we've had her so I'm guessing her weight back on Monday was even less.  Poor thing....

After that we came back to the hotel and fed her some more rice & eggs with veggies, she loves this stuff...we think it's a tad bit gross.  Sage and I had some Lays potato chips for lunch, it's about all we can handle right now.  Thank goodness our original guide will be back tomorrow, I'm hoping he'll start ordering meals for us again! We sure have missed that! Most of what we order on our own is a fail.

(I love how she puts her baby on a pillow too! And notice all the bracelets on her wrist!)

This afternoon I had to wake Haylie up from her nap, she had already been sleeping for 3 1/2 hours!  I sure hope these good sleeping habits continue once we get back to the states!  We made a quick run to the grocery store to load up on snacks, then took a casual stroll around the island eating icecream cones, and back to the hotel for dinner.  Sage and I found some noodles in a cup at the store so we took a chance on them.  I think they were good, Sage said never again! lol

Smallest fork ever! 

I've got lots of pics to share of Haylie from today.  She is getting very good at imitating us.  She high fives and fist pumps, thumbs up, raises her eyebrows at Sage (which is hilarious to watch!), she can do the hang loose with her fingers, and whatever it's called...when the thumb goes on your nose and you wiggle your know, like the stank fingers? haha, no really, I have no idea if there is even a name for it.  Too funny though!  Hopefully we'll get lucky and I can get a video to load tonight!

She's learning to love having a bath, and really loves getting lotioned up afterwards!  There's no denying she's a girly girl.  Loves her bracelets, her shoes, her bows, her baby doll, and doesn't like making a mess!  If she has food on her hands she always has to wipe her hands, like between every bite! ;)

The rest of or group arrives tomorrow, we are so excited!  Hopefully this will be the downhill slide and things will go smoothly and QUICKLY!  I can't wait to scoop up some boys, cuddle with the dogs, sit on comfortable furniture, sleep on a comfy bed, and eat delicious unhealthy American food!!!!  I told Sage the first American food I'm planning to eat once we land in Chicago is nachos!!!!!! ha ha, oh the irony of it all....

Enjoy your arctic weather today, it's gonna be 70 here.... until next time....

(More bath tub laundry)

(Lucy's looks cooler at night, and they play 80's music, they're on the top of my list just for that)

(People exercising near a playground)

(Dad posing because I made him, thanks for being a good sport babe!)

(Some fun statues....I've tried getting Haylie to stand in line with the kids, maybe next time)

(She can't stop staring at herself, I mean come on, when you're gorgeous you know it!)

(This is one of my favorites, she's giggling with daddy)

(Still hanging with her baby)

And this awesome video (if we're lucky). Check out her eyebrows....


  1. Excellent update! One of my faves so far :)
    Heather Smith

  2. Love following this. You guys are doing great!
    Sherry Lange

  3. Love the post! She is darling and I love how much of a girly-girl she is! We will def. have to have play dates once you guys are settled at home and ready for visitors/play dates. The eyebrow thing she does with Sage is so cute and I love that you got it on video!! I'm sure you are ready for some American food after being there for so long! She looks like she is getting more and more comfortable and relaxed being with her Mommy and Daddy. Look forward to your posts everyday!