Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Day 12

Hurray!!!! Today was our last FULL day! We have Haylie's Chinese passport along with her visa to come to the US. 

We didn't do much today, bought odds and ends for our nieces and nephew, and our boys of course. We have bought Haylie many little trinkets representing China and the province that she is from. Our plan is that on the anniversary of her Gotch Day we will give her a new item. We have enough to go up until she is 13.  Hopefully she'll appreciate these items and get a little enjoyment out of the tradition! 

So what has Haylie learned so far? She can say "hi" and "uh-oh". She waves hi and bye, blows kisses, is a pro at raising her eyebrows at people, and man can she strike a pose! We wanted a girl and girl is what we got! She still loves bows, bracelets, shoes, pretty clothes, and her baby doll. 

The above photo shoot was totally unplanned, no coaching, all her! :-)

We enjoyed dinner with our travel group tonight, we'll really miss everyone and their precious babies.  We've definitely built some life long friendships! 

We load up tomorrow at 6am to start our drive to Hong Kong (3hrs), we could use some prayers that Haylie does ok for that long without a bathroom! Potty has become our biggest hurdle over the last 3 days!  At 9:50pm Tuesday night (KS time) we will be taking off from Hong Kong heading to Chicago. Praying weather holds off so that we aren't delayed. I can't wait any longer to have my family together!!!!! 

We love you all and really cannot express our gratitude to everyone! To everyone to helped with our kids, those that left us encouraging comments, and those who have prayed for us (and still are!), THANK YOU!!!!!!!!


  1. Good luck on your travels! Praying for safe flights, and calm times for Haylie...You guys are amazing, and she is one lucky little girl. #Gotcha#BabyGirl#Haylie#Complete#FamilyOf6 ~ Sara Webster

  2. Also praying for safe travel, a calm baby girl, and endurance for mom and dad!

  3. Yay!! Hope you make it home safe! !