Sunday, January 19, 2014

Day 3 pictures

That's try this in the middle of the night, maybe we'll get success!

Our hotel

Palm trees!

The river 

Sage exchange US currency to Chinese

This is the breakfast buffet at our first hotel, delicious! They have something called a black egg...I wasn't brave enough to try it.

Guangzhou, the big apartment buildings covered in peoples laundry!

Our entire flight from beijing to Guangzhou was over mountains. The flight had a strange rule, the window shade needed to be up during take off and landing. Can anyone shed insight on that for me?

Beijing airport

I'm trying very hard to embrace the Chinese culture and the people. I'll admit, it can be hard! People are pushy here! If you aren't moving fast enough you will get shoved out of the way. People stare at us. We stood at baggage claim and a girl, maybe 6 or 7, was standing about 2-3 fr infront of me. She would face me and just stare. Then she'd point and ask her sad something, and continue to stare. I was soooo uncomfortable! It is hard to get people to smile back at me. The friendliest people are the hotel staff. 

We are told that when people see us with Haylie that they will look at Haylie as if she is a very lucky girl because she got adopted by American and gets to live in America. People will look at us as good people. I hope that's the case! Part of me fears someone will try and snatch her from us because they think we stole her or that we shouldn't be adopting their babies. 

I will say I have noticed how well put together the women are. They are simply beautiful! Dressed very nicely, hair and makeup done, fancy bags. Me, ha, I'm in jeans that are falling down because I forgot my belt, and a hoodie with tennis shoes. And when women travel, they don't dress down for comfort. Me, well I switched to sweats! Here is the best example I could get of their fashion without being obvious.

Only 8hrs until we get our baby girl!!!!