Sunday, January 26, 2014

Day 11

We started our morning off with our US Consulate appointment at 8:30. That was pretty painless. There were 12 families total, all adopting children. We swore an oath and then each family went individually to hand in paperwork and her passport. Tomorrow afternoon our guide will go back and get her passport and visa, that's the last piece of our journey! Just 2 more nights here and we'll start our journey home! On the way back to hotel Haylie actually let herself curl into me and relax. First for that!

We ate breakfast, skyped with the boys, and then head over to the market for more pull ups. The fun quickly ended. The start of all of our problems lately are that she needs to go potty. She is trying so hard not to have an accident! Since we can't communicate she immediately starts crying. Once she gets to a potty we're ok, but it's brutal until then. Here are some pics from the grocery store we've been going to.

When we got back to the hotel Sage helped Haylie take her shoes off, she was not pleased at all that he was doing that. Melt down!!!!! I finally just carried her into bed, layed with her and she cried herself to sleep. Sadly we haven't found anything to do that helps soothe her. So I just lay with her and try to provide comfort.

Each time I think to myself how much my world has been turned upside down, I remind myself how much HER world has been turned upside down. And also remind myself that she didn't ask for any of this, as far as she knew, her life was wonderful before us. Then I turn to my faith and what pulled us towards this journey, think of my boys and family at home, and turn to Sage. This to shall pass. 

We spent the afternoon at the Guangzhou Zoo with our travel group.  This was just an ok zoo, luckily it only cost $6 US dollars.  Haylie did ok during the zoo, main problem we had was her needing to use the potty, but refusing to use a squatty potty! (Not that I can blame her!)  She was very interested in all of the animals, was super cute and waved at all of them.  We were thankful that she didn't freak out, especially after yesterdays excursion and the cats!  

The zoo here had a game where kids climbed in the water and tried to catch fish. It was sort of funny, the parents have their kida bundled up in snowsuits even though it's 70° out but they're allowed to play in water? 

Sage even got to hold Haylie! I had walked away from them and she really wanted to see the giraffes! Seems like as long as she keeps her mind on something else then Sage is ok to hold her, but as soon as she realizes what is going on she starts screaming. I got some cute pictures today though! 

Notice Sage wore shorts, our guide had to poke fun at him. This weather here is warm! And when you add the humidity to it, it feels almost HOT! Sage just couldn't take it anymore! 😉

The hippos were very cool to watch!

It was a good day in all, 60/40 for us. Other kiddos are having a rough day too, maybe it's in the air? We just keep remindin ourselves, not only does she not know us, but she's a typical 2/3yr old. Anyone remember how much fun thise stages are? Lol We're making it though.

So tomorrow is our last day here in China! Yay! We have nothing on our agenda. Just planning on staying laid back, walking around the island, buying our last few trinkets, and packing up. Our van leaves on Wednesday morning at 5:30, so Tuesday at 3:30pm KS time.  I probably won't get to skype the boys that day because of the time difference, already sad about that.

Logan & Riley, we have more pictures of the zoo animals for you guys! Can't wait to get home and see all 3 of your faces! Which one of you can give me the biggest and longest hug?!?! Love you boys so much! (My dad sent me this pic Saturday morning, they went for pancakes with grandpa! Bed head and all! 😊)

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  1. Hang in there. .. You're almost done and sounds like you're doing pretty darn good all things considered!