Monday, January 20, 2014

Day 4 gotcha

The day started out smoothly. We were up by 4:30am, watched a movie, ate breakfast, and just chilled out. We met our new guide, Jason, at 11am. He is amazing! Super nice, english is great and just extremely helpful! Jason walked us around the island and took us across the river to a grocery store so that we could stock up on snacks for Haylie.

1:45pm our van picked us up and we headed to the adoption center! We got there just a little early an everything was dark. Jason explained, in China if you work for the government you get a 2-hr lunch from noon to 2pm. People take about 15 min to eat and the rest of the time is to sleep! Everyone wants to work for the government! Sure enough, the staff was asleep on the couch! 

Sage started panicking around 12 today, then in the adoption building he started catching up on his Mandarin, lol 

We waited for about 15 min and in walked this brave little girl! 

They brought her right to us, she came to me and gave me a hug and kiss and said mama....oh it melted my heart! I kept it together, no tears, needed her to see me strong! 

Her voice is absolutely precious. She said mama and pointed at me, and would say baba (daddy) and point at Sage. She's pretty unsure about Sage, he can't touch her or sit too close. The orphanage director said don't worry she just hasn't seen many men. 

This is us with the orphanage director, accountant, and driver.

After this thing quickly went down hill. The director made a big deal about saying goodbye and Haylie lost it. Poor baby, it was absolutely awful watching her little heart break. She tried kicking away from me, arching her back, it was awful. We decided to just leave and finish paperwork at our hotel instead. She did wonderful on the car ride, but as soon as we got to out room she started crying. Until she spotted the baby doll we brought for her. This girl loves her baby! 

And then the crying began again! For over an hour, heart broken cries, nothing could soothe her. I just held her tight and spoke softly to her, rubbing her back. Eventually she stopped and suddenly it was a new baby! She laughs, is ticklish, made a game out of me kissing her baby and then sneaking one to her. She can high-five, wave (totally has the Miss America wave down pat!), and plays peek-a-boo. She will play some with Sage but he still isn't allowed too close. She did let him feed her dinner!

This has quickly become her favorite spot! Yes, she's sucking her thumb!

They told us she was potty trained but she came in a diaper. With the stress of the day we didn't mess with the potty. I gave her bath, I'm not sure she's ever been in a tub before. She came in willingly (I went in with her) and smiled and made silly noises when I put water on her, especially on her head. But the girl would not sit down! Lol

We gave her a bottle of formula and got her ready for bed. I layed her down her in crib with her doll and this plastic thing she brought with her, she doesn't let it go so I imagine it will be around for awhile. Covered her up, gave a kiss and cane out to the living room. I went back to peek and sure enough she was dangling over the side if the crib! So, sweet baby got to crash with Sage and I (though Sage had to wait until she was asleep before he came to bed!). Little does she know she slept curled up next to him all night! :)

Haylie slept until 5:30, she woke up dry and I took her to the potty. She went pee right away! Such a big girl! Now we're just chilling together watching Chinese cartoons and she's "feeding" her baby.... 

Words can't explain the emotions that we all 3 went through today. I pray the worst is over but my head says probably not. 

Keep us all in your prayers, she needs the strength to keep being so brave, and Sage and I need the strength to keep supporting her. We'll skype with the boys shortly, I can't wait for them to see each other! 


  1. You two are so strong. That had to have been a crazy day/night. You're all in my thoughts :)