Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Day 6

Day 6 has came and gone.  Haylie went to sleep so well last night!  Then she slept for 11.5 hrs straight through, I think last night was the best nights sleep Sage and I have had since we've been here as well.  Even though this is how Haylie slept all night! :)

We started out nice and relaxed this morning, went down for breakfast, then came back up and skyped with the boys.  It really is awesome the world we're living in, love that we're lucky enough to be able to see the boys at the same time as talk!  Haylie likes skyping, though we aren't sure if she thinks it's a tv or not.  She waves to the boys and shows them her doll.  The boys seem to get a kick out of her waving at them.  I can't wait to see them all together.  This time next week we'll all be together!!!!!!

So after breakfast we ventured out to a mall that is across the river, it's a 4 story mall with stores that a similar to what you'd find in the states.  I finally found a belt!  Yay for that! No more walking around pulling my pants up all day, or worrying that when I climb into the van that my butt is hanging out!  It's the simple things in life that make me happy!  So we walked around the mall, very slowly as we were just trying to kill time, and then came back to the island and checked out the little shops over here.  This was a more difficult trip for us today.  The local people stare a lot, they will even walk past us and then come back and kneel down in front of the stroller to look at Haylie.  Poor girl doesn't even realize that everyone is checking her out, though it's probably best that she doesn't.  We ate dinner at a Pizza Hut tonight and we were the side show... first mom fail with Haylie, we forgot her bottle.  And then the pasta meal I had for her and I to share was spicy.  Poor babe.... she can't drink out of a normal glass.  We had a water bottle so I just had to give her sips out of the cap.  We felt awful, a mistake we won't make again!

Some stores we went to today, Jenny's is pretty famous among the adoption world. Then these statues are all over the island and people are always having their pictures taken with them. And Lucy's is the only resturaunt around that caters more to Americans. 

So after walking around we headed downtown and applied for Haylie's passport.  It was super quick, but we also got the official adoption certificate with our picture on it.  That was kind of cool!

Not much else going on here... just hanging out waiting for others to come join us so that we eel better being brave and trying out new places!  The stares are definitely hard, Sage is getting pretty angry with how rude people are.  Deep breathing skills are coming handy at this point.  Oh, and she dropped her doll today and no one bothered to help me pick it up... so rude!  We were in the middle of stairs and I was carrying her in the Ergo, the man behind me just stared at me.  Ugh. (p.s. thanks Beth for the Ergo, she loved it! Laughed and laughed!)

Lots of buildings have these pretty trees in front of the doors, orange trees I think.

Oh, and this is across from our window. The cage houses a peacock, rooster, and multiple other birds! Kinda neat, until the rooster is talking in the middle of the night! 

One funny thing about China, people really believe that it's good if babies sweat.  It's in the 60's and we have Haylie in leggings, with a winter coat.  Our guide told us that older ladies will probably come up and touch our baby while speaking to us.  What they will be saying is "your baby isn't warm enough!"  So we are trying to be understanding and we have her bundled up and wrapped in a blanket.  So, the really funny part here is that people even bundle their dogs up.  Seriously, every dog we've seen has been wearing an outfit.  And a lot of time it's a full blown outfit! Pants and jacket.  Grown men walking them..... sweating is good I guess!

Have a happy hump day to y'all back in the states!  Wish us luck, tomorrow is Haylie's medical which will include them drawing blood.  Poor baby girl!


  1. Absolutely adore reading your posts, Kristen! So excited for you all and for Hailey. How do you pronounce her middle name? Like May? It's so pretty. :)

  2. Kristen, Good luck with the medical, I know as moms we hate when they poke our babies. I am so happy to read your blogs....keep them coming....Hurry home.

  3. Kristen, I love keeping up with everything on your blog. The photo of Haylie sleeping sideways in the bed makes me smile. She must be feeling more relaxed for sure. I most love the photo on the adoption certificate. You guys look so happy and you will treasure that forever. I can't wait to meet your sweet girl when you get back. Much love to you guys! Marla

  4. Kristen, this is amazing I have really enjoyed reading your blog. You and Sage are amazing people and Haylie is so lucky to have you both. I can't wait to see how she bonds with the boys. You know you will have to continue this blog when you get back to Kansas. Congratulations and thank God the world has people like you. Michelle Wolk